A Hand-Up to Financial Health

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0% Loans — Help for every stage of life

The local Jewish community can depend on Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio for a financial hand-up.

Like all Free Loan Societies, HFLA-SA's foundation is based on essential Jewish principals: Acts-of-Loving-Kindness, Tzedakah and the Mitzvah of assisting others. Following these core values, our organization provides interest-free loans to help people achieve or maintain financial stability. By extending a “hand-up,” HFLA-SA offers hope and meaningful opportunities for brighter futures.

For more than 90-years, HFLA-SA has assisted thousands of people in their endeavors to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams. We look forward to continuing and expanding our 0% loan programs.

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Offering support throughout life-cycles, when events happen – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets are burdened.

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More than ever, advanced learning is critical for future success and financial independence. This program is specifically designed to help post-high school students with high cost of academic expenses.

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Special Situation

This program is for unique circumstances which require borrowing flexibility - in terms of loan amount, cosigner rules and/or repayment terms.

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Why Support HFLA-SA?

How about "happy endings!" In the words of a few borrowers of our no-interest loans:

“I was drowning in debt, with interest eating me alive.”

“Sending our son to college was so important to us, but without some help, we simply couldn’t afford it.”

“I wanted a mobile oxygen tank, so I could get out of the house.”

“I lost my job and didn’t know what to do until I got a new one. I had a family to feed and had already used up all my credit.”

“My special needs grandson had to get into a school that understood how to work with him, but our family couldn’t pay the tuition upfront."

“Our business almost went under. We’d been doing more work, but our customers were slow to pay. For us to get back in the black, we had to put in more money than we had, and beside our own family, we had 40-employees depending on us.”

All of these borrower stories had happy endings because of a 0% HFLA-SA loan. For all these reasons and more, won’t you please do a great mitzvah today, and help HFLA-SA help fellow Jews who need a financial hand-up?

HFLA-SA 2016 Update

As the calendar year comes to a close, HFLA-SA would like to thank YOU, our friends and supporters for your continued commitment to our mission of providing vital, much-needed financial support to members of our Jewish community.
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HFLA-SA listened!  Thanks to all the comments and feedback we’ve received over the last few years, we’ve implemented significant changes.  Because of these modifications, 2016 has seen HFLA-SA experience a dramatic increase in both number and average amount of interest-free loans awarded.  To-date, HFLA-SA has put $184,000 back into our community, directly into the hands of those needing a financial boost.  With a staggering year-over-year increase more than doubling total dollars loaned, we’ve far exceeded the annual internal goals established by our Board of Directors. Much of the credit for this accomplishment goes to YOU!  We are extremely grateful for all the financial support, as well as your help in spreading-the-word.  The amazing opportunity we offer through our interest-free loan programs is rooted in fundamental Jewish principles, which commanded us not to charge interest to fellow Jews.  In addition, as Maimonides explained, no-interest loans foster independence and self-sufficiency, enabling a solid financial foundation, while encouraging dignity.

As we look into the crystal ball for 2017, HFLA-SA intends to continue increasing our Board of Directors, as we seek to expand our collective level of skills, experience, affiliations and involvement.  We will be increasing memberships, as well as community awareness and engagement, remaining focused on outreach and loan program growth. Along this vein, we’re thrilled to welcome 3 new Board members, Fran Cohen, Suzy Olian, and Jimmy Barshop (who will be joining us in January)! Each of these individuals brings a wealth of talents and skills that will ensure Hebrew Free Loan of San Antonio’s continued existence and expansion. Find out more about these amazing people on our Board of Directors page.