A Hand-Up to Financial Health


When ‘Life Happens!' – through the best and worst of times . . . and everything in-between, our local Jewish community can depend on Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio for a financial hand-up.

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0% Loans — Help for every stage of life

Like all Free Loan Societies, HFLA-SA's foundation is based on essential Jewish principals: Acts-of-Loving-Kindness, Tzedakah and the Mitzvah of assisting others. Following these core values, our organization provides interest-free loans to help people achieve or maintain financial stability. By extending a “hand-up,” HFLA-SA offers hope and meaningful opportunities for brighter futures.

For more than 90-years, HFLA-SA has assisted thousands of people in their endeavors to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams. We look forward to continuing and expanding our 0% loan programs.

HFLA-SA Loan Opportunities

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Offering support throughout life-cycles, when events happen – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets are burdened. These “Oys & Joys Loans” cover most situations, making this our most frequently utilized program.

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Today, more than ever, advanced learning is critical for enabling future success and financial independence. This program is specifically designed to help post-high school students alleviate stress over academic expenses, allowing them to remain focused on building brighter tomorrows.

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Special Situation

This program is for unique circumstances which require borrowing flexibility - in terms of loan amount, cosigner rules and/or repayment terms. With additional due diligence, these loans can be individually tailored to meet extraordinary needs.

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HFLA-SA Board Members Honered


HFLA-SA was especially proud to support The Jewish Family Services (JFS), and quite a few of us enjoyed attending this year’s Evening of Inspiration. This year’s event honorees included Aliza & Willie Cantu, as well as members of our own HFLA-SA family, Marinel & Michael Robbins and Elaine & Stephen Cohen. Heartfelt Mazel Tovs to all these well-deserving people!

When it comes to serving San Antonio’s Jewish community, Marinel Robbins is both committed and extremely active. Among the many agencies and projects she has assisted, Marinel also curently serves as a Mashgiach, supervising kashrut observance.

HFLA-SA Past President and current Vice President, Michael Robbins has served on our Board for more than 15-years, constantly helping the organization with anything and everything required. A long standing Loan Officer from our Loan and Collections Committee, Michael has assumed the role of Chairing this vital Committee during the past several years. In addition to his work as an attorney, both in private practice and now for the County, he’s always made time for civic activities, evidenced by his years of volunteer service for Agudas Achim, JFS (currently serving as their Secretary) and his HOA. Michael also holds legal seminars, providing counsel to JFS clients. HFLA-SA continues to benefit greatly from Michael Robbins’ leadership, guidance and dedication.

Elaine Cohen is well-known for her decades of involvement in philanthropy, community leadership and spearheading projects. In addition to assisting JFS, Elaine has worked tirelessly for the Federation, Congregation Agudas Achim and Chabad Lubavitch of San Antonio. She is also a proud recipient of the Golda Meir Award.

Stephen Cohen joined the HFLA-SA Board of Directors early in 2015 and quickly made his impact by pushing us to be better and assist more people. As an oncologist, Steve has spent decades helping countless people, yet, he is driven to do even more. He possesses the ability to absorb various information, quickly assessing problems and then, develops creative solutions. Steve backs up what he says and feels - readily giving of himself. Steve Cohen’s significant philanthropy throughout our community is well-documented.

HFLA-SA values its partnership with JFS - and wishes the agency continued success.

In addition, we are ever-so proud and grateful to include the Robbins and Cohens in the HFLA-SA family! !

A New Member For the HFLA-SA Board


Attorney, Mark Samuels returned to San Antonio and is already making a difference! We’re thrilled to announce Mark is a new member of Hebrew Free Loan’s Board of Directors.

With his corporate and private practice background, Mark brings a wealth of experience to our Board.

In addition, Mark has a history of community service, particularly within the Jewish community. He spent seven years on Congregation Agudas Achim’s Board, including serving as the Congregation’s Treasurer.

Please help us welcoming Mark Samuels to HFLA-SA!

When Mother Nature Happens

Spring weather in Texas can turn violent in the blink of an eye. Storms can bring high winds, hail or even tornadoes, causing damage to homes, cars and anything else that gets in their way.

Tuesday night, San Antonio was hit by a series of hail storms that pounded cars and homes causing millions of dollars in property damage. If you are facing major out of pocket repair costs from these recent storms, remember HFLA-SA interest-free loans are available.

We offer personal loans of up to $6,000.00 to qualifying members of the San Antonio area Jewish community. No collateral, no fees, no strings attached! It is part of God's commandment to provide help to members of our community without charging interest...it's a mitzvah.

Check out our loan page, and if you qualify, you can download and application on the spot.