Interest-Free Loans . . . Because 'Life Happens!'

A Hand-Up – to Financial Health

Yes, ‘Life Happens!’ When it does . . . through the best and worst of times . . . and everything in-between . . . our local Jewish community can count on Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio.

Based on Biblical and Talmudic teachings, HFLA-SA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping people achieve or maintain financial stability and self-sufficiency. Instead of hand-outs, we support a more lasting solution. With interest-free loans, HFLA-SA gives the gift of hope, offering borrowers the opportunity to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams.

Like our favorite gifts that keep on giving, HFLA-SA recycles money to re-use over and over. Every loan is is first secured by a borrower’s promissory note, with cosigners adding another layer of assurance in guaranteeing full repayment. This process helps ensure funds remain available, enabling HFLA-SA to continue offering future borrowers similar opportunities.

With our interest-free loans, HFLA-SA serves San Antonio’s Jewish community, and makes a true difference in peoples' lives . . . one person or family at a time.

For information on our specific loans or to download the appropriate application, please refer to the section below, outlining the various opportunities and eligibility requirements. Prior to deciding whether to proceed, we encourage prospective borrowers and cosigners to carefully read all documents in the application package.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call 210.736.4352 during business hours.

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Every tax-deductible donation helps Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio fulfill its mission - helping others. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of friends and neighbors.

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Marianne Kestenbaum Serves as President, after fourteen years on the Board, including roles as Secretary and Treasurer.

Michael Robbins, San Antonio attorney and HFLA-SA Past President, returns for his second term as Vice President and Chair of the Loan and Collections Committee.

Shari Markowitz, Immediate Past President, with an extensive HFLA-SA history assumes the Secretary duties.

Greg Meyer, Past President, has returned to the HFLA-SA Board of Directors and quickly resumed his previously held position as Treasurer.

This year, Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio is pleased to announce the addition of three Board members: Stephen Cohen, M.D., Tim Grossman and Rivka Schecter.

The HFLA-SA Board of Directors is a volunteer group, comprised of business, educational and professional leaders from our community, each of whom share a strong commitment to other Jews who need a hand-up while navigating life’s ups and downs . . . and everything in-between. The Board provides strategic guidance and governance, while diligently working to advance the HFLA-SA mission.

Why Loans –- Instead of Charity

HFLA’s mission is based on a Biblical mandate teaching us we should never collect interest when lending money to those among us in need. Interest-free loans help people become and remain self-sufficient.

"To help others help themselves is the highest form of tzedakah."


Since 1924, through zero-interest loans, Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio continues to empower individuals and families, allowing them a necessary bridge and the opportunity to accomplish goals they otherwise could not afford. Applicants are always treated with respect, compassion and confidentiality.

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College is Expensive – Education . . . Priceless!

Planning to start college or facing another semester? Undoubtedly, you're stressed, but help is available! HFLA-SA offers interest-free Education Loans to alleviate some of the financial pressures so many college students and their families experience. Our organization’s mission is to help members of the Jewish community improve their current positions and build stronger futures. Well, we can’t imagine a better way to accomplish this goal than to invest in our youth and provide much-needed assistance for advanced educations.

Even with financial assistance from family members, scholarships, grants and student earnings, a gap often remains between available funds and all the costs involved with the college experience. We’ve designed HFLA-SA Educational Loans to help bridge that gap, enabling Jewish students to graduate - without staring at enormous, interest-bearing debt.

Students, who are permanent residents of the San Antonio service area, regardless which school they attend, may apply for HFLA-SA Education Loans. Student borrowers qualify for reduced monthly payback terms, and like all HFLA-SA loans, there's never any interest, collateral or hidden fees.

Contact HFLA-SA for assistance . . . . Our only interest is your success!

HFLA-SA – Community Involvement

HFLA-SA enjoys being involved in our community and exploring ways we can make more people aware of our programs.

A big thanks to the Jewish Young Professional Network of San Antonio (JNet)! JNet is an organization designed to put young Jewish professionals in contact with community leaders and engage in a “conversation that never ends.” Recently, HFLA-SA representatives joined members of this dynamic group for a very enjoyable evening at Liberty Bar. In addition to the networking and socializing, wew ere graciously given the opportunity to "spread-the-word" about what we do and the many ways we can make a difference.

In addition, we were treated to a couple of great speakers, including Dr. Chad Spigel, who shared fascinating perspectives from his archaeological findings at Huqoq in Israel. Learn more about JNet at

With expanding opportunities and financial hardships, now, more than ever, an interest-free loan makes sense. If you know someone who needs a hand-up – whether that person is in the midst of a rough patch or experiencing a life-cycle event – please suggest an HFLA-SA interest-free loan.

If you belong to a group and want to learn more about "interest-free" loan opportunities, we'd be happy to arrange a presentation.

As a non-profit organization, founded by Jewish people to help fellow Jews in our community, HFLA-SA is bound by its covenants. All loan programs have basic, but strictly enforced, eligibility requirements.

Qualified for an HFLA-SA loan? Please answer the following questions:

  • Are you Jewish?

  • Have you been a permanent resident of the San Antonio service area for at least six months?

  • Can you provide qualified cosigners who will guarantee the repayment of this loan?

  • Do you have the resources and commitment to repay a loan?

If you are able to answer "yes" to eall questions, you've just met most of HFLA-SA's requirements. please feel free to download and complete the apprpriate application package. If in doubt or you have additional questions, please contact us by email, or call 210.736.4352.

  • General Purpose

  • As the name suggests, these life cycle loans are intended to cover people as events occur – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets get pinched. Affectionately referred to as our “Oys & Joys Loans", this is our most frequently utilized program.

  • Housing/Rent/Deposits/Repairs

  • Transportation Needs

  • Medical Bills

  • Expanding / Changing / Families

  • Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Personal/Professional Development

  • Daycare to Elderare

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Loan Specifics: All parties must meet eligibility requirements, and applicants with qualified cosigners may receive up to $6,000. HFLA-SA offers affordable monthly repayment schedules.

    No interest . . . no collateral . . . no hidden fees.

  • Download Application
  • Education

  • Throughout history, Jewish people continue to emphasize and value education. College plays an important role in future career success and self-sufficiency, so HFLA-SA has a special program for post-high school students. With mounting academic costs and related expenses, we can alleviate some financial stress.

  • College Tuition and Fees

  • Books and Supplies

  • Housing/Living Expenses

  • Career Advancement Training

  • Certification Coursework

  • Graduate Programs

  • Loan Specifics: With college, university or trade school enrollment and San Antonio area permanent residency, eligible applicants with well-qualified cosigners may receive up to $5,000 annually for a maximum of 4-years. During school and for 6-months post-graduation, students benefit from reduced monthly repayments.

    Let HFLA-SA invest in your future!

  • Download Application
  • Special Situations

  • This program is designed for unique situations which require greater flexibility - whether it's additional funding, less stringent cosigner rules and/or modified repayment terms.

  • Business Development/Expansion

  • Professional Growth

  • Major Repairs/Expenses

  • Adoptions/Fertillity Treatments

  • Noncovered Medical Treatments

  • Significant Events

  • Major Purchases/Assets

  • Loan Specifics: Based on specific need and creditworthiness of all parties, applicants with well-qualified cosigners may receive special consideration. Applicants meet with members of the HFLA-SA Loan & Collections Committee to discuss their request and may be subject to enhanced scrutiny.

    When your circumstances warrant more, an HFLA-SA Special Situation Loan might be the answer.

  • Download Application


A big thank you to the Adante Senior Living Center staff for their generosity and continued support.

The Hebrew Free Loan Association of San Antonio is a member of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans, a network of more than 40 world-wide Hebrew/Jewish free loan agencies.

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