Our Mission

"To provide financial assistance to Jewish people who are permanent residents of San Antonio and surrounding areas, through interest-free loans."

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Like all Free Loan Societies, HFLA-SA's foundation is based on essential Jewish principals: Acts-of-Loving-Kindness, Tzedakah and the Mitzvah of assisting others. Following these core values, our organization provides interest-free loans to help people achieve or maintain financial stability. By extending a “hand-up,” HFLA-SA offers hope and meaningful opportunities for brighter futures.

For more than 90-years, HFLA-SA has assisted thousands of people in their endeavors to overcome financial challenges and realize dreams. We look forward to continuing and expanding our 0% loan programs.

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The financial challenges in today's economy are numerous. HFLA-SA ffers support when life's events happen – large or small – planned or unplanned – anytime budgets are burdened.

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More than ever, advanced learning is critical for future success and financial independence. This program is specifically designed to help post-high school students with high cost of academic expenses.

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Special Situation

This program is for unique circumstances which require borrowing flexibility - in terms of loan amount, cosigner rules and/or repayment terms. Ask about the opportunities it provides.

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A very Special Thank You to all of our supporters, donors, partners and borrows for making 2016 a very special year. HFLA-SA made a record 31 loans, putting $200-thousand dollars to work in our community.

We have set our sights even higher for 2017 with plans for additional loan programs, workshops and seminars. However, to accomplish our mission, we need your help! While our loan repayment rate is over 98-percent, it still takes time for each loan to be paid off, which means we need to increase our funds in order to continue growing with the needs ewish community.

HFLA-SA is a 501(c)3 organization and is totaly dependent on the Jewish community for financial support. There are many ways to can help suport us financially:

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This week’s Torah reading is especially important to Free Loan Societies worldwide, as it explains the basis for our foundation - and reminds us why our organizations’ continued existence is so vial.

Parshat Mishpatimdetails civil laws, mandating what is “right”, and thus, enabling and enhancing human co-existence. One of the most critical of these mitzvot pertains to interest-free loans. We begin to realize their importance, while discovering – for all Jewish people - the prospects and responsibilities associated with them.

The concept of “Jewish giving” involves helping to put someone on the path toward selfsufficiency, which as Maimonides asserts, is actually the very highest form of charity. As it is written in Exodus 22:24, “When you lend money to My people . . . do not act upon them as a creditor; do not lay interest upon him.” And so, from Mishpatim, comes a rich history of Jewish people helping each other, providing 0% loans to extend a financial hand-up whenever another is in-need.

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HFLA News and Events

New Board Officers and Directors

HFLA-SA has installed a new slate of Board Officers as well as adding five new Directors for 2017. Take a few moments to get to know them and the rest of our board here. Read more . . .

Upcoming Events

Some great informative and entertaining events coming in February and March. Check out our events calendar and the entire list of activities here:  Events Calendar.